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Villas Cipreses has a wide soccer field, in addition of a pool for everyone, where the physical exercise combined with the place’s scenic beauty forms a perfect harmony for your accommodation, so you can rest, relax and have fun.

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Villas Cipreses has for you lots of recreational activities for the whole family joy, as soccer fields, natural paths, tours…

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We have fully furnished villas and equipped kitchens that give you all the necessary things for making your stay the more comfortable and nice as possible. With the most appropriate installations and an excellent location, Villas Cipreses offers ideal solutions for your accommodation


You will find that in Villas Cipreses, the best villas for your family and workmates rest, also, we have an event hall that has a pool next to it, in order to make your accommodation as pleasant as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the villas equipped?

All the apartments have: stove, refrigerator, crockery, glassware, saucepans, TV’s, and dinner and camping tables.

Is there a restaurant?

Villas Cipreses doesn’t have food and beverages operation. All the villas are equipped with the needed instruments to cook as if you were at home. There is a close supermarket where you can buy supplies. Also, the location of Villas Cipreses is very near from lots of restaurants, bars and express food services.

How long is the minimum stay time?

Villas Cipreses does not have minimum stay time.

Does it count with the basic services (potable water and electricity)?Nuestra Entrada con Parqueo

Villas Cipreses has potable water of the best quality among the country, as well as the electrical installations in order to satisfy your needs.

What is the maximum capacity of the apartments?

Big villa: 6 people. 3 beds and a chair bed.
Medium villa: 3 people.
Small villa: 2 people.

Do the pets are allowed?

In Villas Cipreses, we consider all the family members, so, we allow having pets. Also, we have wide green spaces for your pets.

Do you have children’s areas?

In Villas Cipreses, we have green spaces, a soccer field, pool and playground.

Nuestra Sala Eventos y ComedorHow safe is the zone and the villas by themselves?

The zone where is located Villas Cipreses is far from the principal highway. It is a very secure zone, because it is surrounded by mountains, and this place is characterized for its tranquility.

Do the parties are allowed?

The parties in the apartments are not allowed for ensure the peace and tranquility of all the residents, however, there is an event hall where you can organize your party, you only need the administrator’s approval.

Grecia, the clean city
Grecia Ciudad Limpia

The quaint city of Grecia, in the province of Alajuela, has the honor of to be one of the cleanest cities among Central America. It is located around 20 km north of Alajuela; this agricultural little town is just 20 min by car or 30 min by bus. In the northwest of the capital San José, Grecia is located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, in the middle of a beautiful landscape of mountains and exuberant sceneries.

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Central Valley view.

Galerias de Fotos

From our scenic viewpoint, you can watch clearly the Central Valley, and have a night of excellent panoramic view of the lights of Grecia, Alajuela downtown, San José, Naranjo and many other places

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